Vancouver as an International Arbitration Venue

Vancouver as an International Arbitration Venue

Vancouver as an International Arbitration Venue

Welcome to the Vancouver International Arbitration Centre (“VanIAC”, (“The Centre”). Located within Vancouver’s cosmopolitan business district, VanIAC serves as the national leader in international and domestic dispute resolution. Find out more about Vancouver as the ideal arbitration venue:

 VanIAC Advantage | The City
VanIAC (“The Centre”) Advantage

With the Model Arbitration Law formulated by the United Nations as its base, our Centre has brought several innovations to the traditional arbitration process. Among these:

  • Our Statute and Rules are based on the UN models
  • Arbitrators may be selected from anywhere in the world
  • Arbitral awards made in Canada are enforceable in 142 countries
  • Generally, an arbitration agreement precludes involvement of national courts except for the enforcement of arbitral awards
  • Relevance and materiality of evidence is within the jurisdiction of the arbitrators
  • Reluctant signatories to an arbitration agreement cannot frustrate the procedure
  • Arbitrators may travel to any location to view material deemed relevant
  • Arbitrators may summon experts, including independent legal advisors, for assistance
  • Counsel for disputants need not be members of the Law Society of British Columbia to appear at arbitration proceedings.
  • Upon request, the Centre will provide interpreters, translators and transcript services
  • Arbitrators’ awards must be made within sixty days of the closing of hearings, unless otherwise agreed by the parties
  • Provisions for payments of settlements into the Centre are similar to those under the Rules of Court

Sections 18 and 19 of the International Commercial Arbitration Act and Articles 18, 19 and 22 of the Rules of Procedure under the International Commercial Arbitration Act, establish procedural autonomy. These provisions recognize the freedom of disputants to set rules of procedure; but should parties fail to agree on procedure, the provisions grant the tribunal wide discretion, subject to fundamental principles of fairness, in the conduct of the proceedings.

The City

Vancouver is the largest, most cosmopolitan Canadian city west of Toronto. It is listed as one of the top ten liveable cities in the world and is one of the most scenic in North America.

Natural beauty surrounds the city along with a relaxed West Coast mentality and an abundance of parks, beaches, adventure treks, breath-taking vistas, outdoor cafes, local ski hills, golf courses, sailing, golfing, fishing and more…

In and around the city there are outstanding shops, restaurants,  museums, art galleries, major league sports venues and some of the country’s leading theatre, opera, ballet and music companies.

Vancouver is considered one of the friendliest cities in Canada. Efficiently served by major international airlines, it is easily accessible from most countries.

Exchange rates are favourable, costs are moderate, the legal environment is supportive, and the political and social infrastructures are designed for fairness, neutrality and equality.