VanIAC Administrative Services

VanIAC Administrative Services

VANIAC Administrative Services

For successful dispute resolution the Centre offers complete administrative services from filing the notice to arbitrate or mediate through to the delivery of the final award.  The Centre also ensures the smooth and efficient conduct of the arbitration or mediation process in accordance with the rules agreed by the parties.

The Centre’s services include:

  • Pre-established rules of procedures, policies and commencement forms etc.;
  • Neutral facilitation of process;
  • Assistance in providing continuity and maintaining a forward momentum;
  • Administrative assistance including the handling of payment of arbitrators’ fees and disbursements;
  • Appointment independent and qualified Arbitrators and expert Mediators from the Centre’s Panel;
  • Assistance in providing scheduling;
  • Guidelines and resources.


The Centre also offers the following administrative assistance with: 

  • Holding securities for fees and expenses on behalf of Arbitrators and Mediators;
  • Holding securities for the amount in dispute or security for costs as directed by the Arbitrators and Mediators;
  • Trust Account Service (TAS) – This service allows Arbitrators and Mediators, who are on the Centre’s Panel, to utilize the Centre’s Trust Account for deposits/holds and withdrawals of trust funds for arbitration/mediation cases which are not administered by the Centre.

Parties who use the Centre’s services can be confident in the quality and neutrality of the dispute resolution process.