Arbitration From Nose to Tail Online Course

Arbitration From Nose to Tail Online Course

Arbitration From Nose to Tail

A Virtual Mini-Course (in Two Parts)

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The Vancouver International Arbitration Centre (VanIAC) & The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Vancouver Chapter

Join a faculty of leading Arbitrators and Arbitration Counsel as they take you through the arbitration process from start to finish. This course will be of interest to all counsel appearing in arbitrations and of particular interest to experienced litigation counsel who may be developing their arbitration counsel practice.

Course Chairs:   Kenneth Glasner, QC, FCIArb., Laura Cundari FCIArb. (Blakes),                                   

Joe McArthur, FCIArb., C.Arb. (Blakes)


Faculty:  Mr. Justice John Hunter (BC Court of Appeal)

Henri Alvarez, QC, (Alvarez Arbitration),

Tracey Cohen, QC, (Faskens)

Murray Clemens, QC, FCIArb. (NST)

Rob Deane (BLG)

Craig Chiasson (BLG)

Angus Gunn QC, FCIArb. (Eyford Partners)

Tina Cicchetti (Vancouver Arbitration Chambers)

Dan Urbas, FCIArb. (Urbas Arbitral)

Jonathan Eades, (BC Ministry of the Attorney General)

Ludmila Herbst, QC, (Farris) 

LSBC Approved Credits 3


Arbitration Mini Course

May 6 and 13, 2021

Arbitration from Nose to Tail

Day 1 – May 6, 2021 Agenda

9:00 am – 10:30 am

(1)             Overview of Arbitration

Panel Chair:    Dan Urbas, FCIArb (Urbas Arbitral)

                        Jonathan Eades (Ministry of Attorney General)

(a)             Benefits or promises of arbitration (and how promises get broken)

(b)             Domestic vs. International Arbitration

(c)             The new Act and its advantages

(d)             Ad hoc v. administered – forms

(e)             The VanIAC Rules and advantages – forms

(2)             How to Commence a Commercial Arbitration

Panel Chair:    Laura Cundari, FCIArb (Blakes LLP)

                        Henri Alvarez Q.C. (Alvarez Arbitration)

                        Tracey Cohen, Q.C. (Fasken LLP)

(a)             Domestic vs. International Arbitration

(b)             Consider arbitration clause and stepped clauses (and dealing with pathological clauses), applicable rules

(c)             The Notice of Arbitration

(3)             The First Procedural Conference

Panel Chair:    Rob Deane

                        Murray Clemens Q.C., FCIArb (Nathanson Schacter & Thomson)

                        Angus Gunn Q.C., FCIArb (Eyford Partners)

(a)             How to design procedure to make the arbitration process effective and expeditious

(b)             Evidence first dispute resolution

Day 2 – May 13, 2021 Agenda

9:00 am – 10:30 am

(1)            Arbitration Advocacy

Panel Chair:    Kenneth Glasner, Q.C., FCIArb

                        Tina Cicchetti

                        Craig Chiasson

(a)             Conduct of counsel

(b)             Conduct of arbitrator

(c)             The Memorial

(d)             Witness statements

(e)             Expert Reports

(f)              Redfern requests

(g)             Various applications under the Act and Rules

(2)             The Hearing and Afterwards

Panel Chair:    Ludmilla Herbst, Q.C (Farris LLP)

                        Mr. Justice John Hunter (British Columbia Court of Appeal)

                        Joe McArthur, FCIArb, C.Arb (Blakes LLP)

(a)             The Hearing

(b)             Post-Hearing Submissions

(c)             The Award

(d)             Appeals

(e)             Set-Aside

(f)              Enforcement

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