We’re Still Open & Helping to Resolve Disputes

We’re Still Open & Helping to Resolve Disputes

May 2020

These are strange times. It seems like everything has changed…but in fact some things are still the same.

For example, disagreements and disputes still occur. This is an unfortunate fact of life. However, the good news is that help is still available.

Here at the BC International Commercial Arbitration Centre (BCICAC), we have made some adjustments in response to COVID-19 and continue to be open for business.

Arbitration cases continue to be administered, and new cases are being accepted for administration.

Since regular court operations have been suspended (as announced by Chief
Justice Hinkson on March 18, 2020), parties with unresolved disputes may wish to consider agreeing to submit those disputes, including interlocutory matters, to arbitration under BCICAC’s administration.

Most civil matters that are currently before the courts can be submitted to
arbitration for an award that can be enforced in court. Parties can choose their own procedure, including selecting the BCICAC domestic commercial arbitration rules or a set of rules that mimics those that would apply in a court proceeding, where the arbitrator acts effectively as a private judge.

Our roster of highly-qualified arbitrators are able to provide top-level service while still maintaining social distancing measures by conducting hearings by teleconference, video conference or in writing.

Parties submitting litigation matters to arbitration have the ability to preserve appeal rights.  BCICAC’s domestic commercial rules offer the ability to opt into an appeal process internal to BCICAC.  Alternatively, parties may include in their arbitration agreement a provision to preserve the appeal rights they would have had if the dispute had been litigated in court.

Those who are interested in submitting disputes to arbitration or who seek further information are invited to contact us at admin@vaniac.com or 604-684-2821.

Barry Penner, QC
Managing Director



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