Fee Schedule


All amounts stated are in Canadian Dollars (CDN), 5% GST is included

Domestic Arbitration Administered by Centre


Value of Claim Or Counterclaim


Commencement Fee (1) Or Counterclaim

Administration Fee(2)(3)
(after 6 mos.)
(per quarter per party)


Non-monetary Claims



($2,500 + $125 GST)



($350 + $17.50 GST)


$100,000 or less



($650+ $32.50 GST)



($250+ $12.50 GST)


$100,001 to $250,000



($1,250+ $62.50 GST)



($350 + $17.50 GST)


$250,001 to $500,000



($1,900+ $95.00 GST)



($350 + $17.50 GST)


$500,001 to $1 million



($ 3,750 + $187.50 GST)



($550 + $27.50 GST)


Over $1 million


0.5% of value of claim (+ 5% GST)

(up to max. $20,000 + GST)



($650 + $32.50 GST)



(1) Commencement Fees.

The commencement fee is non-refundable and payable with the Notice to Arbitrate filed with the Centre.

(2) Administration Fees.

The Administration Fee is non-refundable and payable by each party. The Centre will invoice both parties the administration fee quarterly beginning six months after the commencement date. The administration fee will be assessed on the basis of the highest claim or counterclaim value.

(3) Disbursement Fees.

Fees do not include expenses incurred by the Centre in its administration of an arbitration or appeal.The Centre may invoice parties for expenses on an interim basis as it deems appropriate.

Liability for fees and expenses is joint and several between the parties to the arbitration. Where a party does not pay an administration fee or other outstanding amount due to the Centre, any other party may pay that amount to ensure that the arbitration proceeds.If payments are not made, the tribunal may order the suspension or termination of the proceedings.

     Arbitrator Fees

With the exception of the Fees payable to an arbitrator pursuant to the Expedited Procedures, the above fees do not include the fees and expenses of an arbitrator. Hourly rates are set by the individual arbitrators.

All fees and disbursements due to Centre payable by either party shall be paid prior to the release of the final award. PAYMENTS ARE TO BE MADE TO THE VANCOUVER INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION CENTRE

All amounts stated are in Canadian Dollars (CDN).


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