Forms – Notice To Arbitrate

Forms – Notice To Arbitrate

Forms – Notice To Arbitrate

To assist parties who are pursuing a case through arbitration, VanIAC has made resources and other information available to help you file your case accurately and efficiently.

Once you are ready to file your case with VanIAC, you will need to complete the appropriate forms, below. Submitting the correct filing form is important. To do this, determine the type of case (commercial, international, UMP etc.), whether your contract includes an arbitration provision, and the type of dispute resolution method desired.

If your contract clause provides for arbitration, select the forms to file your case. If there is no arbitration agreement or VanIAC is not named as the dispute resolution service provider, you will need to obtain the other parties’ consent to arbitrate through VanIAC and then use the appropriate forms to begin the resolution process.

The requirements for those who wish to initiate proceedings are set out below.


Domestic Arbitration Forms

Forms under the VanIAC Domestic Arbitration Rules effective September 1, 2020:

International Arbitration Forms

Notice to Arbitrate under the VanIAC International Commercial Arbitration Rules of Procedure: