Benefits of VanIAC’s Online Arbitration Platform

Benefits of VanIAC’s Online Arbitration Platform

Benefits of VanIAC's Online Arbitration Platform

Designed by VanIAC
To offer an efficient and secure online platform to facilitate
resolution of domestic and international commercial disputes.


A secure Online Platform offers individual case management.

  • Parties can upload to their Case Portal:
  • Notice to Arbitrate, Contract(s)
  • Counterclaim/Setoff/Answer,
  • Statement of Claim,
  • Written material, etc.

All parties involved with a case will have 24/7 access to the Case Portal and be able to view the same submitted material, as well as Procedural Schedule, Orders, Directions, Awards, timelines, correspondence, etc.

When a new communication is posted on the My Cases portal, a notification is automatically sent via email to VanIAC, the Parties, and the appointed Arbitral Tribunal.

All submitted materials cannot be deleted or altered by the parties. A party can post a note to strike material, or a submitted form, or file an amendment.

In summary, VanIAC Online Arbitration offers

  • Efficient process
  • 24/7 access to a case
  • Transparency
  • Safe and secure
  • Time saving

If you have any question or require additional information, please contact us at or 604-684-2821.