How to Use Vaniac’s Online Arbitration Platform

How to Use Vaniac’s Online Arbitration Platform

How to Use Vaniac’S Online Arbitration Platform


Step 1. Access VanIAC’s online arbitration platform by selecting “File or Access Your Case” at

Step 2. To register, input username and email address. A password will be generated and automatically sent to your email address.

Step 3. Login with your Username or email address, refer to your email for your password

Step 4. Intake Phase – Input the parties and counsel details (claimant and respondent), select Start an Arbitration

Step 5. “My Cases” portal is created, a file number is assigned to the case.

Step 6. portal Claimant(s) completes the following:

  • Fills out the fillable Notice to Arbitrate (NA) form
  • Uploads the Notice to Arbitrate to “My Cases” portal
  • Uploads the Contract/Agreement
  • Pays commencement fee

Once the Notice to Arbitrate is submitted, an email confirmation is automatically sent to the Claimant(s), the Respondent(s), and VanIAC.

Case portal login information is also sent to the parties via email.

Step 7. Pay commencement fee. VanIAC’s commencement fee is based on value of the claim.

Once you select “Pay Commencement Fee”, credit card information will be required. Once paid, receipt will be generated and emailed.

Step 8.

VanIAC will contact you within 24 hours, a commencement letter will be posted under the “VanIAC’s communications” section, and sent to the parties via email. Commencement date will be established once Notice to Arbitrate and payment have been submitted.

Step 9.

Respondent(s) completes the following:

  • Uploads Respondents Answer / Counterclaim / Setoff
  • Pays counterclaim fee, if applicable

General Information


Once an Arbitral Tribunal is appointed, an appointment letter & AAASII Form(s) will be uploaded under the “VanIAC’s Communications” section.

The appointed Arbitrator(s) receives access to the “My Cases” Portal, where the Arbitrator can view the materials submitted by the parties.

The Arbitrator(s) uploads Procedural Orders/Directions/ Awards under the “Procedural Orders / Awards” section.

Access to the portal is available 24/7, simply go to, and login in under “File or Access your Case” – login using your username / email and password.

All previous work on the portal is saved.

When a new communication is posted on the My Cases portal, a notification is automatically sent via email to VanIAC, the Parties, and the appointed Arbitrator or Arbitral Tribunal.

Each folder will indicate how many documents are in the folder,

i.e., VanIAC’s Communications (3) indicates there are three communications.

All submitted materials cannot be deleted or altered by the parties. A party can post a note to strike material, or a submitted form, or file an amendment.

24/7 access to a case, via My Cases portal.

If you have any question or require additional information, please contact us at or 604-684-2821.