Dr. Kamal Adnan Malas


Dr. Kamal Adnan Malas

Dr. Kamal Adnan Malas, P.Eng.
Owner, Lawyer

Law office of Dr. Kamal Adnan Malas & Associates, Dubai, Sharjah, UAE (United Arab Emirates)

ADR Certified Designation : Chartered Arbitrator (C. Arb)

Additional Language(s) : Arabic, English

VanIAC Panel(s) : International Arbitration

Practice Areas : Construction, Real Estate

Professional Experience

FIDIC: Friendly reviewer for 2017 FIDIC Yellow Book.

ICC:  MENA Region Arab Arbitrators Group member.

UAE Ministry of Justice: Listed Engineering Expert.

Dubai Courts: Listed Engineering Expert.

Arab Union for Investments and Real Estate: Head of Arbitration and Legal Affairs.

Dr. Malas participated as an arbitrator in 96 arbitration cases appointed by the following bodies: ICC, DIFC-LCIA, UAE Courts, Abu Dhabi Arbitration Center, Dubai International Arbitration Center, and many other International Arbitration Centers, besides; Arbitration cases between Private Parties (Ad-Hoc Arbitrations) in the Arab Gulf.

The type of arbitration cases and No. of cases are: 1- Construction & Engineering   68  cases, 2- Real Estate 23 Cases, 3- Courier services 1 case,  4- Media Services 1 case, 5- Maritime services  1 case, 6- Insurance services 1 case, 7- Inheritance 1 Case.

Dr. Malas rendered Final Award in Muscat -Saltant of Oman as a sole arbitrator appointed by both Parties in a big ad-hoc important arbitration case handled at the same time in Arabic and English languages; please find below the links who mentioned the AWARD, and stated that the Award has decided in all disputed matters, and caused increase %17.1 of stock market shares value of the winner company.

Oman- Galfar wins RO23mn arbitration against Haya Water, sha… | MENAFN.COM

http://www.omanobserver.om/arbitration-favour-galfar-seeb-sewage-project/ http://bit.ly/2EFpQGE

Dr. Kamal Malas has 40+ years of practical experiences; spent half of them in the Arab Gulf countries.  And worked on Big arbitration cases in UAE, Qatar Saltant of Oman, Kingdom of Arabi Saudi. He has multiple Experiences in (LAW + ENGINEERING) and benefit from combined them in finding speedily the solution of the disputes.

He is accredited as a structural designer in Dubai Municipality; also, he is accredited in Many International Arbitration Centers as an arbitrator.

Dr. Malas is specialized in Engineering and Real Estate Disputes; he has participated in resolving More than 1000 engineering and Real Estate Cases handled by him as neutral expert appointed by the courts in UAE, and in Dubai Courts. (The disputes are about construction, engineering, and real estate and are amounting more than USA $ 1 Billion).

Dispute Resolution Experience and Training

Dr. Malas is acting as International Arbitrator having certificates in (International Arbitration from DIAC + King’s College of London, Master class for arbitrators (ICC), Maritime Arbitration Certificate (Emirates Maritime Arbitration Center + GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre) and he is speaker in many arbitration centers’ events and training courses.

Participated in more than 50 conferences, seminars, training courses, speaker and attendee in many international conferences.

The combination of his study (Civ. Eng. + LAW), beside his PhD Economic (Dispute Resolution), and deep knowledge in FIDIC contracts, adding 40+ years of experience in the engineering field granted him the ability to be ranked as (Distinguished Advisor for Big Projects).

He is professional in both Ad Hoc, the Institutional Arbitration, and provides his services through applying the International Rules of Arbitration (ICC, UNCITRAL, DIAC, DIFC-LCIA… etc.)

Total amounts of disputes that he participated in resolving them as an arbitrator are more than USA $ 2 Billion).

Professional and Other Activities

He published the Book “The Arbitration Award” in two languages Arabic and English, writing vignettes in the book “Construction Law” the Author: Lukas Klee – two editions, also He has many writings in Arbitrations, Intellectual property of Drawings, and Engineering disputes. Besides He makes presentation in the conferences and seminars among them: Real Estate Arbitrations in the UAE, Construction Law, Construction Contracts Contemporary Problems, The Art of Drafting Arbitration Award, Types of Arbitration Awards, Risk of Court Interference in the Arbitration Proceedings, Risk in terminating contracts, Construction contracts policy, Enforcement and Nullifying the Arbitration AWARD, Risk in signing Bespoke FIDIC Contracts, Negotiating Robust Construction Contracts under Qatari Law, Modern Dispute Boards (my own invented method in my PhD), Analysis of Delay and Time in Construction, Dispute Resolution Methods, Revoking Arbitrators under UAE law, Lessons learned in arbitration, Variations and Adjustments in Red Book 1999, Some Wrong Applications of FIDIC Red Book 1987 clauses, and many others.

Award od Excellence: Outstanding Arbitrator of the Year Award- 2018 – Granted to him in the conference: International Arbitrators and Experts in Engineering Sector, the participant are  (ICC, American University (AUD), SELEM, Arab Federation for Engineers, Project Management Institute, Engineering Association of Mediterranean Countries, Contractors association).

Recent Appreciation Awards: UAE Ministry of Public Works (UAE) -2015 – Sharjah Municipality 2018+2019, American University in Dubai (AUD) 2019, Arab Union for Investment and Real Estate Development – 2018- Second Conference for International Arbitrators and Experts in Engineering Sectors 2019, Dubai Judicial Institute 2021, and many others.

Academic Qualifications

Civil Engineering, Damascus University, B.Sc., 1976

Beirut Arab University, B.A. Law, 1992

PhD from Armenian Government in Economic (Dispute Resolution)