What is a Fillable PDF?

What is a Fillable PDF?

What is a Fillable PDF?

A Fillabe PDF refers to a PDF document which is designed to contain interactive fields. Interactive fields are used to capture user inputs. Interactive fields can be free-form text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, drop-down list boxes, and digital signatures to name a few. Moreover, interactive fields may have validation and formatting features.

The best feature of Fillable PDFs is that they can be saved, edited and printed at a later time. 

With one exception, when using a digital signature field in the document. 

The digital signature field is only used when all the fields in the document have been completed and is ready to be shipped. 

See detailed instructions on How to digitally sign a document.

Briefly, the digital signature function is to digital signs the entire document. The document is electronically sealed and cannot be altered.

This digital signature under law is same validity as hand-written signature. 

In the image below, the light purple areas indicated fillable fields that you can directly save and edit later. 

A Fillabe PDF will have the “Submit Form” button appear in the banner. This is tell tale sign this is a fillable PDF.