Virtual Hearings

Virtual Hearings

Virtual Hearings


VanIAC is committed to providing a secure and reliable virtual hearings service with ZOOM for Business.

Zoom Business license includes the highest security settings that Zoom offers. All meetings are assigned a unique personal meeting ID and password. This greatly improves the security of the meeting, since only people who own these two unique pieces of information can join. Each virtual hearing is monitored by one of our hosts, which ensures that only authorized persons participate.

Zoom has provided assurances that it does not sell user data, nor has it sold data in the past; it does not monitor meetings or their contents; and it is in compliance with all applicable privacy laws, rules, and regulations in every jurisdiction in which it operates.

Prepare for your virtual hearing/meeting

  1. In order to sign into the online hearing, you will need a communication device with a webcam and a microphone. Usually a desktop computer, a laptop computer or a tablet, such as an iPad, has a webcam and a microphone built in. However, a smart phone will work as well (monitor size will make a difference, especially for hearings with a large number of participants).

    Please note: The device/screen you are using to participate in the virtual hearing will not be available for other purposes, such as taking notes or viewing documents, consider using dual monitors (or even a single monitor with a laptop screen) with ZOOM running on one screen. 

    Disable any pop-up notifications, such as Outlook and Skype to prevent these from appearing on screen while presenting.


  2. It is strongly recommended to situate yourself in a private, well-lighted area. This will restrict background noise or interruption and ensure you are visible through your webcam.

  3. You will need an internet connection.  If you are using a computer or a tablet if you can hardwire your connection to your modem it will work better than being dependent on WIFI. However, WIFI will work, as well. Participants should use secure internet connections and not attend from public locations or in circumstances where non-invitees could hear or see the proceedings.

  4. If you are using a computer or a tablet, simply click on the URL code provided.
  1. If you are using a smartphone, you might find that you have to download the ZOOM application before you are able to access the hearing. If you click on the download button when it comes up on your smartphone after clicking on the above URL, the application should be automatically downloaded onto your smartphone permitting you to then authorize your camera and microphone, enter the Passcode, and to join the hearing/meeting.

  2. If the case participants opt to use Zoom’s recording features, please review Zoom’s Terms of Service (

  3. Once you have joined the hearing, you will note the icons of a camera and a microphone in the lower left corner of your screen. These icons enable you to turn off and, on your microphone, or camera whenever you wish to do so.

  4. If you have a witness you wish to appear at the hearing, that witness will receive an invitation to the hearing similar to this and will be admitted to the hearing when the arbitrator instructs the host to do so.

Important Tips

Remove any distractions you can before you start or join a video call, including the following:

  • Silence personal devices
  • Set up in a quiet location
  • Don’t check email/phone/web while on video call, as other participants can easily tell when you are distracted
  • Test your microphone and video settings beforehand to ensure that all technical aspects are working properly, you are set up correctly, and you are visually prepared to participate in the hearing. 
  • Address participants by name to signal attention on the call when body language is no longer available. 
  • Anticipate unexpected outcomes, such as physical or technical interruptions, with patience.

If you have questions regarding the hearing process, please contact us:

  • by phone: 778-994-9323, or
  • e-mail: